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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have all the tools to perform a diganostic or repair services?

What if you find that my car needs more or less services than you have requested?

What type of services do you provide?

Do you offer a Refer-a-Friend program?

Do you have a location where I can bring my car for repairs?

Is there a cancellation fee?


Can you really fix my car at my location?

What sort of vehicles do you work on?

How long does it takes to get services?

How long will it take for my car repaired?

Depends on your selecting service, I will be able to tell you the duration of the job. Please give me 30 minutes to set-up and clean up.In all, it depends on the complexity of the job and the service required.

Do I get a rental car if I need one?

No, I don't offer this option.

How do I request a quote if I don't know what is wrong with my car?

Can I use your services if my car has warranty?

Do you ever use remanufactured or used parts?

Do you complete State Inspections?

No, I can only repair your vehicle to pass a State Inspection

Do you offer body repair?

Do I buy my parts or will you provide them?

What does a diagnostic service include?

Does the diagnostic fee go towards the repair?

Do you provide Loaner cars?

No, I don't offer this option.

Can I test drive my vehicle before you leave?

Yes of course, I will always make sure you are able to test drive your vehicle before I leave.

What should I do before you arrive to location?

What should I do if I order the wrong part?

Please contact me right away so we may reschedule your appointment. Return wrong parts and give me a new time frame when you will recieve your correct parts.

Am I suppose to tip you?


How much will it cost?

Price depends on your car, your locaton and the service you need. Since I do not have any overhead cost involved, you can save up to 25-50% of what you normally pay at a repair shop.

Are you promising me that I will always save money on my auto repairs?

Since I value my customers so much I pride myself on saving you money.

Is there a fee to diagnose my car?

Yes, there is a fee for me to diagnose your car. It includes everything from the inspection and diagnostic time to the cost of driving to your location.

What happens if additional repair is discovered?

During the job, if I discover addtional repairs to your vechicle, I will recommend the services required and I can get you a quote right away and can work on it at the earliest.However, if you choose not to get the repair done right away no pressure.


Can you help me find parts from junkyards or auto recyclers?

No. I only work with new parts.

Where are parts coming from?

I work directly with parts supplied by reputed auto suppliers to pass the savings on to my customers. No shady mark ups you see at dealerships and shops.

If I bring my own parts, can you still work on my car?

Yes, I will only charge you for the labor in that case. Please note if you are using your own parts, then the warranty will be voided for that service.

Do you keep the parts removed?

I always offer my customer the option to keep the old parts. If parts is considered hazardous waste, I will properly dispose of the parts and notify you right away. Parts are your property, so broken or not, you're entitled to them.

Should I have parts before you come?

Please have the parts before your appointment time.

Can I order parts online and ship to your address?

No, please order your parts and ship to your address for billing and security purposes.


Where can I find my receipt?

You will be emailed a copy of the receipt and service report after I repaired your vechicle.

Can I pay by paypal?

Yes. Just choose PayPal while booking your servce.

Can I pay by check?

No. Due to security reasons, I cannot accept checks.

How do I pay for the service?

You can pay for service with cash, using your credit/debit card or paypal. Your card will be charged only after I completed work on your vehicle.


Is there a warranty for your service?

Only if parts are brought through me than you will have a 3 months warranty.

Used Car Inspection Service

How does the used car inspection service work?

How detailed is the car inspection?

Do I have to be present at the location of car inspection?

Quote & Appointment

How do I make an appointment?

It's quite simple. Go to my website, enter your vehicle information and the service needed. You can also call me at 346-235-8846.

How late can I cancel an appointment?

If you wish to cancel your appointment, you can do so by calling me at 346-235-8846. You can do so 24 hours before scheduled appointment time.

How can I reschedule an appointment?

Contact me directly at 346-235-8846

Mechanic & Security

Do you offer roadside assistance program?

No. Due to the safety concerns for you and myself, I don't offer repair services in public parking lots, freeways, roadsides, vacant locations or back streets.

Should I leave my belongings in my vehicle?

Please remove all personal belongings from your vehicle before I arrive. Don't forget to remove personal belongings from backseat and truck.