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What is Rusty Old Man

Where many see junk, Rusty Old Man sees treasure. From abandoned and long-forgotten rusty piles of metal junk, we scavenge and pick recycling centers, flea markets, old dusty out-of-the-way roads, and farms looking for that special part or piece of raw material to create our functional art. What started as a hobby sixty years ago (as a ten-year-old boy) and now continues from Rusty Old Man with his thirteen-year-old "Rusty Young Man" (Grandson). The creation of whimsical garden art pieces, lamps, sculptures, bookends, tables, and other creations. Now "older" and "rustier," we are enjoying this time, feeling purposeful, just like the reason Rusty Old Man creates this functional art. We blend the rusty pieces, sometimes with vintage barn wood and other mixed media, such as stained glass. With age has come creative wisdom and a genuine appreciation for re-inventing this forgotten junk.  

Rusty Old Staff

Rusty Old Man
Rusty Old Dog
Rusty Young Man

Director of Creativity and Welding

Quality Control and Customer Service

Our creative geek-in-training

Rusty Old Man appreciates anything old, architecture, people, equipment, history, and anything odd or out of the ordinary. One of our design   objectives and purpose of functionality is to stand the test of time.

Our Rusty Old Dog, Diesel passed away on June 7, 2019.  Our happy boy, our morale champion, who always helped Rusty Old Man push the creative boundaries. In his memory we will be making special pieces and donating the profits to bulldog rescues. You will always be in our hearts Deez.

Rusty Young Man values old architecture, equipment, history, and oddities. They appreciate wood and metal art, and photography. They aim to create functional and beautiful photos, designs, and artwork with longevity.

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